Lime & Spearmint

Zestie Bestie

Lime - Stimulating to the liver; kick starts your digestive system. Rich in vitamin C. Great anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

Spearmint - Aids in digestion; immediately activates detoxification in the mouth. Antifungal for healthy teeth and gums. Natural breath freshener.

Juniper - Acts as a biofilm disruptor, allowing absorption of beneficial antimicrobials. Powerful antibacterial properties; highly effective in small doses

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Simmer Down

Vanilla - Rich in antioxidants; its constituent vanillin has been shown to reduce cholesterol.  This luxurious botanical has the unique ability to be both uplifting and calming for balanced, restful sleep.

Chamomille - This aromatic botanical relaxes and calms, making it perfect for nighttime flossing. Antispasmodic properties in chamomile are great for calming an upset tummy.

Passionflower - Supports normal sleep cycles that may have been disrupted by things like stress or muscle spasms. Does not force sleep; restorative with no ‘narcotic’ hangover. 

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Highland Fling

Blueberry - We all know the awesome benefits of this superfood. But did you know that the polyphenols in blueberries are highly effective in protecting the teeth against a strain of bacteria responsible for accelerating tooth decay?!

Hawthorn - Improves circulation for a healthy blood supply to the gums. Mild astringent properties strengthen, tighten and stabilise teeth. Add antioxidants and flavonoids for regeneration and this little berry packs a powerful punch!

Milk Thistle - In addition to anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, this little-known botanical does wonders for your liver. Studies have shown it to dramatically improve cirrhosis and hepatitis damage. 

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What makes Flush floss different? 

We don’t only flush away the impurities that have been dulling your smile – although we also do that very well. To be Flush means to be close, which is exactly what we do. We’re bringing you closer to what matters – you! We’re putting the power of a healthy mouth back into your hands, literally. Our compact floss is perfect for keeping your smile pearly and fresh, no matter where you go. 

Beneficial Botanics

The beneficial ingredients in Flush Floss go beyond the flavours. Every component plays an important role in keeping your mouth happy and healthy.