The Flush Story

A Tale of Two Bites

The Flush Story

The Flush Story

A Tale of Two Bites

The Flush Story

A Tale of Two Bites

Yulie had an idea...

Yulie is a Los Angeles native who started having issues with her teeth as soon as they popped out when she was a child. While growing up, Yulie suffered from a severe underbite due to an underdeveloped upper palate. Not only did this limit her diet to ‘soft foods’, but it also required her to wear corrective dental gear. For years, Yulie rocked old-school metal braces that wrapped around the entire tooth!

 While her braces did somewhat improve her bite enough to look normal, her smile still wasn’t perfect. Eventually, Yulie made the decision to undergo maxillofacial surgery that required a specialist to cut into her chin bone. Ouch! After years of struggling to fix her smile, Yulie realised that her woes were far from over. Due to getting braces at such a young age, her teeth roots were constantly shifting around. Today, she’s left with larger gaps between her gums and teeth, which require her to be diligent in taking care of her teeth.

Flush Founder, Yulie

How Flossing Fits into Her Routine

Yulie is a self-confessed foodie. Because she loves to eat, she has to take special care of her teeth to make sure she gets rid of the plaque that builds up so quickly. And flossing does exactly that. Because she has to do it every single day, Yulie decided that she might as well have fun with it. So, she partnered with Jessica to give women around the world a fun way to floss, take care of their teeth, and prevent dental conditions that might stain their confidence.

Yulie is supported by a team that have spent countless hours developing a brand that’s as unique as you are. Flush Floss is different from any floss you’ve ever used. Textured to gently ‘scrub’ your teeth, Flush uses avocado oil to help the floss glide easily, even in the tightest spots. Flush floss smells and tastes delish, thanks to our Flavours with Benefits. Inspired by the plentiful fruits and flowers of Scotland, each flavour is naturally derived and was chosen for its specific health benefits. Flush Floss was created out of necessity, and developed out of love. We want you to take care of your teeth - and your overall health - and have fun doing it. Flush products will definitely make you smile!

Meet the Flush Team!



A design graduate of the Glasgow School of Art, David has spent the last 20+ years designing and playing with products for well-known companies from Audi to Target. These days, he is designing innovative, sustainable products that make life easier. David loves the clean feel of a freshly-flossed mouth, but wanted to make flossing fun, instead of a boring task - for himself and for his kids.

David’s 5-year goal for Flush: Change the landscape of oral health via innovative, sustainable products that make self-care fun.


Product Design Engineer

With a background in user-focussed mechanical design and sustainability, the Flush ethos is a great fit for Brent. Admittedly a ‘floss before the dentist’ guy, his goal is to make flossing products that are sustainable and easy to use. “Life is a series of decisions. I want to make flossing a no-brainer.”

Brent’s 5 year goal for Flush: Change the labcoat image and emphasise the person in personal health


Product Development/ Project Management

With a background in user-centred design and manufacturing, Joe is all about creating useful, innovative products. A flossing newbie, Flush has changed the way he feels about flossing. It’s no longer a painful, guilt-driven chore, but a delicious way to take care of himself. Remember - you are only one string away from being a flosser!

Joe’s 5-year goal for Flush: Changing the narrative. Personal health should promote self-esteem and body positivity, not lower it through guilt tactics.


Digital Activities

Having spent 10+ years in the beauty industry,  Sam has always been keen to try the latest and greatest products. Flossing with Flush is self-care made fun and tasty - and the cool packaging makes it something to show off, rather than hide away! Plus, no more bleeding gums - what more could a gal ask for?

Sam’s 5-year goal for Flush: Turn ‘boring’ self-care on its head; expanding into specialised products for orthodontia and denture care.