Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Flush better than other dental floss?

The unique qualities of the recycled Riser™ floss allow you to get into even the tightest spots,reducing plaque by 44% when compared to typical dental floss. We start with a textured floss that expands by mechanical friction, so you are able to get a thorough, gentle scrub, even between the tightest teeth. The expansion also helps you to cover more of the tooth’s surface. That’s where the beneficial botanicals come in! Each botanical ingredient is chosen for its known oral health and gut health benefits - and the ethically-sourced beeswax and avocado oil act as carriers, helping to prolong the benefits after you have flossed. 

What is the floss made from?

Our gentle dental floss is made from recycled plastic bottles. The process for creating this recycled polyester fibre is mechanical, so no chemicals are used. This process also uses far less resources than producing virgin plastic - and each3-pack of Flush repurposes 2 bottles of ocean-bound plastic. By using recycled bottles, we are not only helping to reduce plastic waste, but also reducing our environmental impact via the mechanical manufacturing method.

Can I choose the flavour?

Our gentle dental floss comes in 3 delicious botanical formulas, each with its own unique beneficial ingredients. You can order a 90-day supply of any one flavour, or order a combo pack with one of each flavour. We are finding that people like to order the combo pack first, then decide from there!

How much is it?

Flush retails for $14 US (£12) for a 3-month supply. Each floss container is a month’s supply for the typical user; we offer them in groups of 3, in order to reduce the environmental impact of frequent shipping. Another way to look at it? At $14 for a 90-day supply, regular flossing with Flush costs about 15¢ a day - and you are totally worth it!

Why is it called Flush?

Our name is quirky and a little different - just like us! There are many definitions to the word ‘flush’ - and several of them apply to our goals as a company. We would like to add a ‘flush’ (healthy glow) to your cheeks. Our floss is ‘flush’ (abundant) with beneficial botanics, and flossing is a great way to ‘flush’ away impurities and bad bacteria (also, broccoli 🥦 😉). Check here for a full list of definitions!

Is the packaging recyclable?

Yes! The Flush packaging, including the cutter, are fully recyclable. We also ship a minimum 3-month supply to minimise shipping and packaging.