Ask the Herbalist!

Jean Dow (BSc (Hons), BA (Hons), MSc)


Jean Dow (BSc (Hons), BA (Hons), MSc) has been a practising Medical Herbalist for over 18 years. The study of Herbal Medicine is a four-year honours degree covering very similar subjects to that of a medical degree. Jean’s studies included botany, plant pharmacology, biochemistry, anatomy, physiology, pathology, and differential diagnosis. Her degree allows her the right to primary diagnosis and to safely prescribe alongside pharmaceutical drugs. 


As an Herbalist and Functional medicine practitioner, Jean adheres to a holistic approach, creating a personalised treatment plan for each patient. Herbalists do not treat the disease the person has, but the person who has the disease. Jean strives to identify the underlying cause of a patient’s problem and address it, rather than simply addressing their symptoms.


Jean divides her time between Edinburgh and her home on the Isle of Skye. Her vast knowledge of plants, herbs and traditional remedies, paired with her interest in beekeeping and lifelong ties to her Scottish homeland, make her a perfect fit for Flush. A walking encyclopaedia of Scotland’s indigenous berries, flowers and herbs, Jean’s input as a consultant has been invaluable in the formulation of our beneficial botanicals. 


Jean’s Vision

“I would love to see a system of health that focuses not just on the acute emergency care, but on real preventative and integrative care. Health is not just the absence of disease – but realising the full health potential of every person and nourishing and supporting this.”

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What on Earth is Oil Pulling?

There is an abundance of evidence and good research showing huge beneficial effects. For those of you who don’t know much about this ancient tradition, it’s a method of simply placing some oil (usually coconut, sunflower, or sesame seed) in your mouth and swishing it around for a period of time (typically 5-20 minutes), then spitting it out. It is a very simple, if somewhat tedious, process. 

All About Ethical Beeswax

The ethical beeswax in Floss by Flush acts as a carrier to to other botanical oils and is very healing itself. Anti-inflammatory and healing to gum tissue!

What is So Important About Your Mouth?

Fun fact: you have up to 10,000 taste buds on your tongue that regenerate about every 10 days! Click the title to learn more- Jeans walk us through the importance of oral microbiome and how important the very first stage in your digestive process is a healthy one!